My “Love, Simon” Movie Premiere Experience!

Last Sunday, Isaac and I attended the Love, Simon Australian Premiere!

Thanks to his agent, we were given 2 passes to see the movie for free! So thanks to Focus Talent Management for giving us the opportunity to see such an amazing movie!

I’ve been sick for the last couple of weeks and doing my Xtend Barre training course, so it was nice to be able to go out with my love and watch a movie that is really beneficial to young audiences!

The red carpet started around 3:45pm at the George Street Event Cinemas here in Sydney. We were able to pick up our passes earlier, but we decided to stay in the car for a while because it was HOT!

Dress from!

Because it was so hot, I decided to wear this dress from, it was light and flowy and super affordable! I saw Lorna Luxe wearing it during London Fashion Week and I knew I had to have it! I can’t afford the Vetements £1575 version so getting this one was a blessing! And it’s pretty flattering too!

We were ushered through the entrance of the theatre, and while we were able to take photos, we weren’t being photographed by the paparazzi/interviewed by reporters. Which, given the state of my voice at the moment was a blessing 😂

The theatre was set up with red walls that matched the carpet, with the movie’s logo and the promo photos. They also had lockers set up like in the movie, which I thought was a cool twist!

After the red carpet area, there was a concession stand set up in between the two theatres that were going to air the movie! We lined up for a while, and were able to purchase some MnM’s and cider! I was going to get popcorn too but the event supplied free popcorn, water and candy hearts on our seats! Who doesn’t love free popcorn at the movies?!

They also had a cotton candy wall AND a cotton candy machine! I had to get in on that!

We picked our seats; a little close to the front but comfortable enough that we weren’t straining our heads to see the screen. Like they said, there was our free food! Also, we found a couples seat so there was no arm rest in between us.

Before the movie started, Smallzy – radio host on Nova 96.9FM, introduced the movie and two of it’s stars Nick Robinson (Simon Spier) and Australia’s own Katherine Langford (Leah Burke, also Hannah Baker in 13 Reasons Why)! They talked about how much they loved working on this movie and told us about their experiences.

After that, we got to watch the movie! I don’t want to give away any spoilers because it doesn’t come out here in Australia for another 10 days, but it is such a great movie. It’s that “teen coming of age” story, that not only is thought provoking but also hilarious!

Also, a shout out to both Langford and Keiynan Lonsdale, two young Australian actors who have worked incredibly hard to get to where they are in their careers. Their performances in this movie is amazing, and I definitely shed a tear watching!

All in all, getting to experience this movie at the premiere was a dream come true. I can’t wait for more of these in the future and hopefully, one day, I’d get to be on the other side, being interviewed for work I’d done!

Please check out Love, Simon once it comes out March 29th in cinemas!

xx SD ✌🏼


2 thoughts on “My “Love, Simon” Movie Premiere Experience!

  1. Thanks, Sana for your review. We saw the movie and I loved it. Young people behind us screamed when they found out who it was. I was happy when I left the cinema.

    1. Thanks Tita Angie!
      I’m so glad you loved the movie! It’s a great one, isn’t it? I screamed too!! I was so happy!!

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